2 factor login issue

I setup 2 factor login in my old account thats is not login now. That’s asking for 2 factor token while I don’t have any account on aythy or google authenticator app. Please…
My 2 sites are down…

For login and account access issues it would be best to contact support directly support(at)Cloudflare(dot)com

Thanks for the reply but I am also waiting for reply even I raised a ticket at 2PM today and there is no reply from there. Can you do anything for that?

Thanks in advance…

The only ticket I see open for this account has had a couple of replies, the most recent less than 2 hours ago with a suggested next step.

I have this same issue… but nobody has anwered my email sent to the support@

Can you help me cscharff?

I’m a paying user… spent more than $300 month with my accounts and I can’t access my account since it has the 2-factor auth but my cellphone died… dived in my pool…

With a new cellphone I can’t generate the Code from GAuth

Account login: [email protected]

Please HELP!

I was not able to login to my Cloudflare account because not receiving the Authentication Token email.
But the support asked me to lo submit the ticket using that account which I was not able to log in, what kind of joke is this, please help

From your account’s registered email address, email them at: support AT Cloudflare DOT com

I have sent to help and support but they did not response since morning, I didnt know how much time they need, and I dont know what they are doing, they never inform me how they’re going to fix the issue, or basically I wasnt informed what they plan to do, I just received a reply saying not able to locate the Cloudflare account associate with my email. Not helpful at all, until now I still not able to login to my Cloudflare account

Sometimes I’m not sure which email address I use at different sites. Look back through your email for official Cloudflare mail regarding your account and double-check which address they sent it to.

Yesterday was a holiday, and they’re not fully staffed on the weekends. Even this week is a holiday week for many, so responses on free accounts will be a bit slower.

Since you already received a response from Support, post the ticket number here and one of the Mods will probably check it out. Posting or replying to that Support email with your domain name will also help them locate your account. Maybe they can send instructions to the email address associated with that domain name’s Cloudflare account.

The only support ticket I can see is Request #1459938