2 factor authentification

Hello, I had some days ago a hacking problem with my account.
The hacker tried to change my email account and i revert through a code which cloudflare sent me to my own email, so after different tries i got access to cloudflare´s account and i got the “2 factor authentication” screen so now i dont know how to get that code, i even tried to contact cloudflare´s support team or even through community but that 2 factor screen was present and didnt give me the chance to contact support, thats why im writing here through another account.

Any help would be really helpful as i have 6 domains there which cannot access.

Thanks in advance!

I am not quite sure what happened.

Are you saying that guy accessed your Cloudflare account and set up a two-factor authentication on his own?

You’ll most likely have to contact support (via email and from your account’s email adress) and follow the steps to get 2FA disabled.

I dont know but 2 factor screen appears after hacker changed email, so i think he set the 2 factor. The thing is i dont know how to contact cloudflare´s team as i dont see an email and when accessing through my real account always redirect me to that 2 factor screen and cannot do anything.

Send them an email to [email protected] from your account’s email address and explain the situation. You’ll probably have to jump through a few hoops to prove your identity, but only support can fix this at this point.

Thanks Sandra, appreaciate.

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