2 email servers conflicting with each other!

Hey everyone,

I have a business email that I got from Godaddy and another one from Zoho. They are both under the same domain.

Each one work perfectly alone. But when I try to put the DNS records of both of them together in Cloudflare, one of them won’t get emails anymore "Email undeliverable’’

I read this help document but I couldn’t understand and I don’t have any A records anyway.

Appreciate your help

I suggest you get help from your current mail host, as Cloudflare does not process email. They should be able to tell you which DNS records you need, and which ones you can get rid of.

I just noticed that when I removed the new MX record for “outlook”, I got Zoho to work, and vice versa. Can’t I keep both MX records somehow?

That’s not a workable solution. You can have only one email provider for a specific @example.com hostname.

That’d be like trying to use one web server for example.com/me and a different web server for example.com/you. Same domain needs same server.

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Technically you can. Of course emails will go randomly either to provider A or B.


Unless [email protected] is on “A”, and [email protected] is on “B”.

That’s exactly how it is now

Even in that case they’d be randomly delivered. You can set it up but unless the two systems are sync’ed you will have fun times finding emails :slight_smile:

Or bounced. “B” says “There’s no Bob here.”

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