2 domains from the same server, no CDN and SSL for the 2nd one

Greetings folks,

Today I just configured two domains, both from the same shared server (sharing the same ip) and using Wordpress, in order to have the all the Cloudflare DNS, SSL, and CDN coverage:

  • bcsilva .com
  • brasonic .com

The first one worked fine, DNS, SSL, and CDN. I also checked on the checkforcloudflare.selesti to be sure, everything ok. I also noticed huge progress in speed in Pagespeed Insights, due to the CDN solution and global API key in use.

Although, for the second one, the brasonic .com, in Cloudflare, I could set up everything without problems until I get the following checker message:
Consequently, the CDN networks do not work on the domain, keeping the same low scores on Pagespeed.

I used to keep the two domains in the same Cloudflare account before, sharing the same Global API key, then I decided to move the brasonic .com one to another account, in order to make its CDN and SSL work properly. Unfortunately, this didn’t work either, even with a different Global API.

What I’m doing wrong here? I spent hours on this today and I don’t know what to do.

I don’t know why people are using this Selesti test all of sudden because it’s horrible. Both of your domains are going through Cloudflare. Selesti is wrong. At this point, I can’t tell if they’re malicious or incompetent.

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