2 domains about expire - no way to update credit card - error code 1292

I have 2 domains that have now expired because I have no way to update the billing information on my Cloudflare account.

No matter what I do, I just get a vague 1292 error code.

I’m honestly surprised - I’ve used Cloudflare on behalf of my clients over the years, and the experience has always been very good.

Billing issues come up, credit cards expire, or need to get cancelled due to fraudulent charges.

Every other major service provider I work with provides a clear path towards resolving those types of billing issues.

I submitted a support ticket several days ago, which was escalated to the “Trust and Safety Team” for review and then immediately closed.

I have had no contact from the Trust and Safety Team, no ticket number, and no idea how I can address this.

I am worried that these domains will soon be lost for good, simply because Cloudflare is not letting my put an updated credit card on the account.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to address this, or fast track things with the T&S team?

Do you have the ticket number from when you submitted? It should be in the response if it was auto closed.

Thanks for checking!

The original ticket number is #2609776.

I did receive a response from a support person before they closed the ticket, but this is the extent of it:

Hello there,

Thanks for contacting Cloudflare Technical Support.

We’ve escalated this request onto our Trust and Safety Team for review. Trust and Safety will reach out to you soon, and will help to address your request.

Please note that your request with Technical Support has been closed as our Trust and Safety team will need to follow up directly.

If you need Technical Support assistance, feel free to open a new ticket and we would be happy to assist further.

Thank you very much

Best Regards,

Cloudflare Billing Support Specialist

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