2 Cloudflare Domains which I can't manage because of 404 error

I have 2 domains with Cloudflare (Helder dot blog) & (helderlopes dot co dot uk) and cannot manage either of them. When I click on the manage button, I get a 404 error page (404 | We Can’t find the page you’re looking for)

The real kicker is I can’t open a support ticket because my domains aren’t listed in the drop-down menu…

Just paid for both of them to be renewed too. Can someone please help. I’m so frustrated with Cloudflare.

P.S I only need to mage my DNS setting, I don’t want them proxied through Cloudflare. Many thanks

Yes, both have been added as sites many times. These errors started occurring when I removed Cloudflare from the Cloudflare domains. I should still be able to manage the domains right? But no, when I click on manage, I get the 404 errors…

I can even re-add again… This seems like an internal Cloudflare problem. My friend did warn me about Cloudflare, I should of listened.

Nevertheless, thanks for your help. God bless

Correction to “I can even re-add again”. I meant can’t

Are you saying the domains are registered with Cloudflare but you removed the domains from your dashboard?

With Cloudflare Registrar you can only use Cloudflare’s DNS so by doing that it means you can’t manage your domain in that way. You will need to re-add the domains to be able to manage them.

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘remove Cloudflare from the Cloudflare domains’, you can disable the proxy if you just want to use their DNS.

What error do you get when you try to add them back again?

I get a error saying my domains are not a registered domain. Even though they are registered with Cloudflare and I just renewed them. Hence the reason, I can’t open a support ticket because my domains don’t appear in the drop down choice. I can send a screenshot if possible. Both domains are Cloudflare domains…

Thanks for the details. Please email [email protected] from the email address on your account. Include details of the domains and the fact you removed them from your dash and now can’t add them back again. Also include a link to this topic.

When you get an autoresponse with a ticket number please post that here so we can escalate it.

Awesome! I will do than now. Thank you so much Domjh. Hopefully I can get this sorted as it’s been boggling me brains for a while now. Many thanks

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No problem, it’s an awkward issue as usually you can just add the domains back. You can’t fix that error without access to them though :sweat_smile:

For future readers, I wouldn’t recommend deleting domains that are registered with Cloudflare unless you want to get rid of them, I agree the dashboard should make this clearer.

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I think I must of confused you. I didn’t delete the domains. I simply removed the site from Cloudflare as I didn’t need my site proxied anymore. Surely I should still be able to manage the domains :slight_smile:

It’s essentially the same thing, the proxy setting is configured with the DNS settings. Removing the site from Cloudflare removed it entirely from your dashboard so you lose the ability even to manage DNS. Perhaps what you meant to do was pause Cloudflare which disables the proxy across the entire zone, alternatively you can do it per hostname in the DNS tab.

That’s pretty silly. So what’s the point of buying a domain through Cloudflare if one is tied to it being proxied all the time?

You’re not tied to proxying it at all, you’re just tied to use Cloudflare for DNS.

You have 2 options to disable proxying:

  1. Switch the :orange: to :grey: next to the specific DNS records you want to unproxy.
  2. Pause Cloudflare which disables the proxy across the entire domain.

Removing the domain, as it says, completely removes it from Cloudflare and that includes DNS.

I tried both of them options. It does pause the proxying but leaves traces of Cloudflare’s proxies around. For instance, Wordfence still wanted to get real IP detection using Cloudflare’s headers (That was with Cloudflare paused. Like a marriage, you’re not fully separated until you get a divorce. :slight_smile:

That’s odd as you won’t see Cloudflare headers if the site is unproxied. I wonder if Wordfence checked the nameservers and not the IPs or if you can manually change that.

It should not, pausing Cloudflare can take a few minutes to take effect (longer if your local resolver caches for a long time) but once it does there should be no proxy at all.

If you don’t want to use Cloudflare at all, even for DNS, you will need to transfer your domains away as you have to use Cloudflare nameservers if the domains are registered there.

For the issue you now have, did you get a ticket number back?

Yes, the ticket number is 2502700. Fingers crossed they can help :slight_smile: Many thanks

Thanks, I’ve escalated that ticket.

Thanks guys, a technician has fixed my issue. Domjh, you are a star mate! Thanks for everything

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