2 Cloudflare accounts

I have 2 accounts because I could not login to the first account. I email tech support and they send me here. I want to join them Any suggestions

Normally, if you email support AT cloudflare DOT com from the address you used to create your first Cloudflare account they should be able to help.

If you have lost your 2FA, and lost access to the email address on the first account, then the 1st Cloudflare account might be lost also.

Do you have all of the DNS records from the first account? If so, you could recreate all the DNS records and configuration on your second account, and change the nameservers. But I would try emailing them first.

You should post the original ticket number here, and perhaps @cloonan will help.

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I did not lost any email and pass. They are the same. I can not log in to the first account. The second does not have the settings.

Are you able to share what the issue is with the old account that means you can’t log in?

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I initially create an account for my site Then I could not login into this account. I try to retrieve many times. I contact cloudflare and I could find a solution. I created a second account using the same email address and site. Now when I log in to the second account. It shows and recognize the dns of the first account.
Please advise

I did a test using two of my own email addresses. It does not appear to be possible to create two accounts with the same email address.

Can you post the support ticket number and one of the Cloudflare staff here will (probably) take a look.

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Hi @seosemperucom, sorry for the trouble you’re having. I see your tickets and have made some notes on them.

Next, you cannot create two accounts with the same email address. Based on what you’ve posted, you must have used at least two different email addresses. I’d check the inbox, spam, and deleted folder of the other one.

Next, Support cannot join the accounts for you. I think the most expedient route was suggested by @michael and change the name servers to the ones associated with the account you can login to successfully and recreate the settings.

I used the same email. If you are going to delete an account please delete the last one. I want to keep the old one

Hi, sorry, just like support cannot join accounts, they cannot delete an account on your behalf. You can login to one of your accounts, most expedient route is to change name servers at your registrar to the ones associated with that account.

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