2 accounts - same site - error 1000

Hello friends,
I have a problem and I don’t know how big it is.
I got my Cloudflare account to which I added my website. I configured my site and added the new servers to my hosting (I have Hostgator).

The email with which I obtained my account was lost. Also, I don’t remember my password to enter cloudflare anymore.
So I made a new cloud account with a new email. I did the same configuration steps. I removed the old servers I had in Hostgator and re-added the new ones Cloudflare gave me.

I can’t cancel the first account because I don’t have any more access. If I chose the option “I don’t remember my password”, it would ask me to enter the email but I no longer have access to it because, as I said, it was deleted from one moment to another.

The SSL in the first account I configured it with> full <. In my WordPress account my site says: “This site cannot be accessed”.

When I want to enter the main page of my site, it gives me a 1000 error notice. My site is flordadario.com

With all this, I don’t know where the problem is and if I can solve it. I do not know where to start. Please help.

A 1000 error means that the DNS record’s IP address is incorrect in the Cloudflare Dashboard. You’ll need to set it to whatever your webhost DNS uses for your “A” records.

I get it. But do the problems I mention influence the situation in any way?

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