2.8 million requests in one day


I was doing some unrelated stuff in our cloudflare dashboard today and noticed that for some reason on December 29 & 30th we had 1.2 million & 2.8 million requests per day loaded via cloudflare, vs the normal 90k-120k per day:

If I look at it on our dashboard homepage, there is no out of the ordinary usage spike in users or GB being served:

On these 2 days, Cloudflares security only picked up 2,500 threats, which is less than 0.1% of the 4 million requests for the day:

Our worker page shows approx. 500,000 requests for that day:

2.8mil requests is around ~30req/second sustained for the day. Is anyone able to shed any light on this? From what I can see cloudflare kind of did its job, as our origin server didn’t fall over on those days / we didnt see anything out of the odinary from our office (staff were working those two days).

Our google analytics do not show any abnormal increase in page views for those days, so whomever it was did not execute any analytics JS. Our server/website only serves php, js & css docs, with a worker in front of each page load doing some cookie & variable management. All images for our site are served via a different service which does not go through cloudflare.

If I look at the cloudflare firewall settings I cant look back more than 1 week into our stats, so have no idea where to go to from here. Anyone have any ideas?

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