1dot1dot1dot1.cloudflare-dns.com issues on "free" wifis

I enabled 1dot1dot1dot1.Cloudflare-dns.com via the private DNS setting of Android 9 on my phone. In some “free” wifis Android tells me about “no internet connection”, which does not happen if my phone uses the provided DNS. Somehow Android does not use a fallback.

Does the wifi have a sign in page when you disable Some hardware has used the ip for sign in etc. which could cause that. If it is, there is nothing that :logopulse: can do about it.

Unfortunately some free (and paid) wifi providers are incorrectly using for their own captive portals or admin interface. They aren’t supposed to/shouldn’t do that and complaining to the provider is a great first step.

Can’t speak to the Android built in settings, but captive portal detection is one of the feature we built into the app for iOS and Android. Not perfect, but we do try to detect the presence of captive portals and disable the app in those scenarios…


As far as I remember the captive portals worked, but afterwards no internet connection was shown. So I’m wondering if Android could not resolve 1dot1dot1dot1.Cloudflare-dns.comthen.