1dot1dot1dot1.cloudflare-dns.com can't find www.auz.ro: Server failed

C:\Windows\system32>nslookup www.auz.ro
Server: 1dot1dot1dot1.Cloudflare-dns.com

*** 1dot1dot1dot1.Cloudflare-dns.com can’t find www.auz.ro: Server failed

A few minutes later:

C:\Windows\system32>nslookup www.auz.ro
Server: one.one.one.one

Non-authoritative answer:
Name: auz.ro
Aliases: www.auz.ro

A have a lot of visitors complaining that can’t access my website if they’re using DNS, but they have no problem using Google’s DNS.

My web hosting said, in July: "Known issue with Cloudflare DNS as they for some reason are looking for Ipv6 DNS servers which we do not have. This should also not be any issue as IPv6 servers should have no issue to lookup IPv4 nameservers.

This is an issue at Cloudflare, and we were already talking to a Cloudflare expert, but have not yet received any answer from them, so far."

I tend to believe him because the error is completely random, sometimes answers correctly, most of the time it doesn’t.

Can you PLEASE fix your systems? Because it is a free service, increasing popular, and such bugs are bad for everyone.