Hello, i tried to connect cloudflare to 1blue. Unfortunately, the page was down or no longer accessible. Does anyone have any experience which settings I have to make exactly? Thanks a lot.

I haven’t heard of 1 Blue. Do they host your website? If they can work with third party DNS, then they should be able to work with Cloudflare.

Yes, they host my website. I have to check the work with third party DNS. What i can do ist this:

I have my own name server from cloudflare. After this, the website was down. Is there more to do?

It looks like those instructions were written for @MarkMeyer. But from what I can see, it can work with Cloudflare DNS. Just make sure that your Cloudflare DNS page has all the same records as the DNS page at 1Blue.

Can you check the records if i give you my account data?

Sorry, no. But if you post a screen shot of your DNS page at 1Blue and here, we can take a look. It’s ok to black out the last half of your IP addresses. It would also help to know your domain name.

Give me one minute an then i have two screenshots, one of 1blu and one of cloudflare. Thanks.

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if i use “own nameserver”, there are is no possebility for DNS records?!?

It’s looking good to me. Just make sure you set the ‘mail’ hostname to :grey: because :orange: will not let email through. :orange: is only for websites.

Thanks. You mean this with “mail” hostname?

And yes, the nameserver looks good now, but after 24 hours the website ist down under www.studiotata.de.

That looks good for ‘mail’

Your site is loading globally under ‘www’

Thank you very much. I will check my website this evening oder tomorrow morning. if the website isn’t find under www… can i connect with you to discuss the problem?

Sorry I am late. As usual. :pensive:

Does ist work for you now?

Wenn du noch Hilfe brauchst, sag einfach Bescheid. :slight_smile:

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It works 2 days, but now i have the same problem:

maybe this is the problem?

If i use “vollständig”, there is no error message. Because the site isnt only working without browser message.

The certificate oh that host is not valid. It’s probably a wildcard certificate from them. Switch to „Vollständig“ for now and install a valid certificate in cPanel orh whatever they use. As soon as possible.

I was right:

But your nameservers changed also:

Domain: studiotata.de
Nserver: ns01.1blu.de
Nserver: ns02.1blu.de
Status: connect

Thanks v
for your very fast reply. can you check the ssl certificate after update. its now a valid certficate?