1and1 SSL Certificate not working


Hi! I’ve gotten a SSL certificate approved thru Geotrust and it is set up at my origin hosting server, 1and1, but I’m getting a 525 error. 1and1 tells me I have to contact Cloudflare to have them allow my certificate (of course there’s no phone number or email to contact). I’m on Full (strict) in my settings on Cloudflare… does this sound right that I have to get Cloudflare to allow my certificate?

Why won’t my certificate on 1and1 work with Cloudflare?

Please help!


Responded to your support ticket with some info earlier. Forgot to update this as well.


Hi! same problem here, the www version of my SSL domain (pilaskodak.es) throws “ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH”, I had to remove the redirect to www so at least I had my website up, at 1and1 support they say it’s a problem with the certificate, that they are working on it, but it’s been 2 weeks and I am fed up, is there anything you could do?

thanks in advance!


Unfortunately authorization of your certificate is pending/dependent on actions by your provider since the account was signed up through them. You could sign up with Cloudflare directly potentially and transfer DNS to us/ restart the configuration process with a new account if they are unable to resolve for you.


Good to know, I asked same question (if I cancelled the CDN service and get it from you directly, same price) and they told me I would be in the same situation since it was a problem with the SSL certificate by 1and1 not being accepted by Cloudflare, supposedly since a recent change of the certificate process on your side (??), many 1and1 customers on the same situation according to this support guy…


We did have to make some changes due to new requirements from Certificate Authorities for validation… If you could ask 1 and 1 if they would be able to install a Let’s Encrypt certificate or a shared certificate on your sever so that we could encrypt traffic from Cloudflare to 1 and 1 (they may already have one in place, then it shouldn’t be an issue if you signed up directly. We’d handle the issuance process and then you could configure a secure connection from CF to your origin if there is a cert in place there.


It is working fine now, they fixed the issue with the certificate at 1and1. Thanks a lot for your help!


Hi raul.f.gonzalez.chec
Is there any way I can contact you to see how you got this resolved. I am over 3 months dealing with this issue and it is still not working.
Let me know


Sure, I am just a 1and1 customer, but I can see the changes they did on my DNS TXT records, maybe that will fix your issues as well, my email is [email protected]


Hi Raul,
Email has been sent…Thanks for your time…any help is greatly appreciated