15000 Error Billable Notification

The post request hits an internal server error only when trying to create a billable notification for Cloudflare Images. Happens in every browser, regardless of incognito or cache clear.

Not really getting anywhere with Cloudflare’s support agents.

Has anyone else seen this? Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Every other type of billable notification gets a 201 when posting to https://dash.cloudflare.com/api/v4/accounts/ACCOUNT_ID_HERE/alerting/v3/policies/ but if its for Cloudflare Images it gets a 500 response :frowning:

Here’s the request payload. Looks just like a sucessful one, so the backend just doesn’t know what to do with the product “image_requests” guess

alert_type: "billing_usage_alert"
description: "blahhh"
enabled: true

filters: {
limit: ["1"]
product: ["image_requests"]

mechanisms: {
email: [ {id: "[email protected]"} ] 
id: "[email protected]"
pagerduty: []
webhooks: []

name: "blah"

Here’s the basic resonse:

  "result": null,
  "success": false,
  "errors": [
      "code": 15000,
      "message": "An internal server error occurred."
  "messages": []

Hi @zzz the other instance about the 15000 error was due to an internal and was consistent.

I see your ticket 2310656 and am cc’d on it and it has a link to this conversation. Support indicated the HAR you shared does not show the issue and asked if it happens consistently or intermittently; would you can reply to that ticket email, no need to open another, and let them know?

You may also want to try from incognito mode and/or another browser to see if the notification can be configured.

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Thanks for the reply @cloonan ! Silly me, I thought I was clicking record, but I actually clicked stop recording when I was making that first har file. PEBCAK. The right one is in there now :slight_smile:

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