15 experts and one cat

maybe Cloudflare should come up with it’s on page of webmaster tools/checkers :slight_smile:

Perfect task for an intern… if only we could find one… @matteo

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Oh, come on! Stop it Chris! You know I’d love to, but can’t move for a few months with the university still going on…

Yeah but have you applied yet?

Not yet, if I can’t move why should I? To receive a potential offer and then decline it? :sweat_smile:

You know Matteo… I really should go into business offering a service to twenty somethings on how to how to win friends and influence people.

I had to have this same conversation with my son, so… There’s not currently even an intern opening posted on our job board. What you are doing is opening an dialogue, expressing interest and hoping to have a touchpoint to reference back to when a position does become available. Even if it doesn’t pan out you now you have a contact you can nurture over time.

Would this work at IBM with 200k+ employees ? No. But it does work with small companies where you have obviously already demonstrated an interest in their technology stack / solution.

You should also be following companies you like, technologists you like and topics you find interesting on teh Twitters and Googles. You should @ them when you see something interesting they might like or ask their opinion on relevant topics (like… paper or plastic?). And you shouldn’t be afraid to hold yourself out as an expert on topics just because you are comparing yourself to someone with 20+ years in an industry.

I know you think I might be making it up or talking ■■■■ to you, but I honestly believe it and have been saying it for years.


Will read and will probably follow your advice then!

Wow! I couldn’t help to read your posts in this thread. They were really interesting. Do you have any advice for me? I’m 15

+1 totally agree, it’s really not just about what you know but who you know as well :slight_smile:

@cs-cf great medium article there - that basically describes my learning process exactly. An expert is really just a person who has done more reading and practice than the average folks :slight_smile:


Just? It is mostly about whom you know :wink:

A lot depends on the character as well. I have been the aforementioned 20 years in the industry (well, almost, I think its 19 - too old to remember these things :wink: ) and am still usually doubtful when someone refers to me as “expert” and would be rather hesistant to refer to myself as such. I know some stuff, but there is a lot more I dont know.

I havent read the article I have to admit, just quickly scanned the intro, but I’d be careful to suggest anybody could become a proper expert*) in 30 days (without prior knowledge/experience). It certainly depends a lot on the subject and there will be things one can master in such an amount of time, but generally speaking I’d respectfully disagree, no offence Chris :slight_smile:

*) Well, it certainly also depends how one exactly defines “expert”.

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Do you think that it’s better to create another thread about it?)

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On the internet, no one knows you are a cat.

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Did anybody pay attention to THESE claws?!

But I agree with @yuramatveev03, we better split it into its own thread.


Very true. But part of becoming an expert though is doing that learning process constantly in a never ending process. So basically you’ll end up knowing more next week than you did the previous week. You’ll know more next month than you did the previous month and so on :slight_smile:

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