14,000MS Slowness after many hits?


This could be a problem with my host but I am not sure.
In my Cloudflare panel it showed average PAGE LOAD TIME to be about 14,000 MS when about 27 people hit my site at almost the same time.

My site is here Home - Wellness Bachelor

I have tried many website speed tests. The thing is these tests don’t do load balancing with tests to show what happens when MANY people hit my site at the near same time.

Can someone tell me if it’s something with my Cloudflare configuration that could be causing this?

The Host itself is not responsible for a slow site. But your setup is.

To sum things up:

  1. you are using Joomla
  2. the initial request (HTML) is not cached at Cloudflare

Since the HTML is not cached Cloudflare can just proxy it and will not be able to speed up the HTML, but all other static assets. That also means, that your server is just very slow, since the “slowness” you see Cloudflare just forwarded, but mostly did not add anything to it.

I would recommend you:

use good caching

  • PHP code cache etc
  • static cache with Joomla

Very unlikely. But “Cache Everything” could speed it up. Keep in mind, that you then need to purge cache on changes.

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I set everything to “cache” on joomla already

Are you saying the initial HTML request is not cached by Cloudflare but SHOULD BE? :slight_smile:

Is there anything I should do to change this on Cloudflare?

more like COULD be. Caching on CDN level could add some problems aswell if not done right. Like I said the cache needs to be wiped everytime something changes, otherwise the updates are not getting shown to visitors.

Thats weird, then maybe there is another bottleneck, or the caching technique is not good.

I sadly cant assist on Joomla sites. But Just try to bypass Cloudflare and see if the error still occurs.
If it does: it is not related to Cloudflare.
If it doesn’t: it could be related to Cloudflare

I guess I need to find a service that allows me to load test websites? do you recommend one? :slight_smile:

I would simply use AB (Apache Benchmark). Should do the job.

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