123 reg Email Problem- Help! (while I still have hair)

OK please be gentle - I have 5 sites all running through cloudflare on a shared hosting package - email is all running smoothly from forms on sites so I have been feeling smug that I knew what I was doing. Just created a new site for a project but as personal I decided to buy it’s own basic hosting - went through the same procedure but try as I might I just cannot get the email forms to work when running through Cloudflare. I am tearing my hair out after trying every permutation I can read or think of. Like most problems that have stumped me before I guess I may be missing something. Any help would be most appreciated.

Hi @richardbutterfield,

To help determine where the issue is, can you pause Cloudflare, wait 5 minutes and see if email works as expected then?

You can pause Cloudflare from the Overview tab of the Cloudflare Dashboard, bottom right under Advanced Actions.

Wow! you dont waist any time! - OK going to try that now.

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OK yes now working with Pause on

Great, how is the form sending email and do you get an error message when you try submitting it?

All working as it should - (before the site would just jump back to heade after submission) now you geth “thankyou for your submission etc” - all as normal.

Apologies for the spam response you just got while I was testing! Can you re-enable Cloudflare, now?

OK re-enabled

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Got your Spam! Gratefully received.

So now re-enabled and form not functioning

Can you try disabling Rocket Loader under ‘Speed’ in your Cloudflare Dashboard?

OK Disabled

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The form seems to work for me now with that disabled, can you confirm?

Me too. I am grinning ear to ear and I have some hair left. I can’t thank you enough!

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No problem, glad you managed to get it sorted :slight_smile:

Just a couple of unrelated points. Firstly, do you use the wildcard DNS record for subdomains? If not, you may want to remove it as it exposes your origin IP (beacuse you can’t proxy it) and can increase your attack surface. Also, you don’t have a valid certificate on your server, so you can only use Cloudflare’s less secure Full SSL mode, you should ideally get that sorted and move to Full (strict).

OK all done I think. You are a star - it’s 00:12 in Dubai and I can finally sleep and not fear looking at this again tomorrow. Stay safe and thankyou so much.

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