1203 error on custom pages

Hey there,

I’m trying to create a set of custom error pages using the Custom Pages feature.

I’ve got my error pages located at Python Discord • Firewall however can’t actually apply them, I get the following error:

Your custom page must be larger than 100 characters (Code: 1203)

I’ve looked at all the previous threads here who say that the following things should fix this:

  • Ensure HTML is validated
  • Disable I’m Under Attack mode (it wasn’t on anyway, but I switched the firewall to essentially off to test)
  • Run the HTML through collapsify to ensure it’s below the 1.47MB limit (which it was, it was around 100kb)

When I click preview I get:

Status code 500 received while fetching template from https://error-pages.eu-central-1.linodeobjects.com/waf_block.html

Having tested both Linode Object Storage and Google Object Storage and got the same result I don’t think they are at fault.

Has anyone got any other troubleshooting tips for this error? It was working with this exact setup before for different HTML but the new HTML seems to be throwing it off for whatever reason.



Hi there, could you try removing this bit:
@import url('https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Hind+Siliguri:[email protected];400&display=swap');
I can see that is giving an error when i open https://error-pages.eu-central-1.linodeobjects.com/waf_block.html in the browser and I wonder if this is what is resulting in the error you are seeing when trying to preview/set the custom page. :thinking:


That fixed it! Thanks!

Not sure why that only just broke because it was working with the previous iteration of pages, but usinig a <link> tag instead prevents the error.

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