120 days and I still can't get SSL to work with ecommerce

I need help with SSL. I can not get it to work, I’ve wasted over 120 days trying to figure it out and I’ve given up. I have a wildcard ssl from cloudflare. I’m running a load balancer called “Kemp”. and I have the SSL setup on the load balancer, that part works. I’m running a plex server. All I had to do was click an enable SSL button on plex and it worked, why can’t the ecommerce sites be like that?

I don’t pay a host to use their server, I have one of my own running from my house. I use VMWare ESXI to run my servers. Plex is running on windows server 2019. The website is being run from an Ubuntu linux vm. My ISP blocks port 80 so certbot won’t work through their regular automated processes, I have to use the DNS one where you put a file on dns and certbot reads it. That’s how I got my wildcard ssl working. I’ve followed so many tutorials, half of which didn’t work because I’m just copy and pasting the instructions, when I run into an error, that’s the end of it because I have no understanding of what’s going on further than “Copy this and it’ll work”, I don’t even know which one I followed to get the cloudflare one working.

Is there an idiots guide to ssl somewhere? For someone that has absolutely no understanding of it whatsoever? I don’t care HOW it works, I just want it TO work. I’m trying to get this to work with prestashop. I’m also still testing this with a domain I don’t intend to use, so hopefully it’ll be easy to transfer, or I’ll understand how to set it up under a fresh install.

I don’t know how to make it all work with the load balancer. Do I need multiple SSLs? I.E. does it need a NEW one for the website? Or will the cloudflare one on the load balancer work? If I had any hair on my head I would have pulled it all out by now. If I tried to setup the website within a windows 2019 server VM does it just work like plex? I.E. Is Linux a huge pain in the ■■■ and windows is so easy you just click buttons to make it work?

It’s so frustrating that I feel like I know so little that I’m afraid this question doesn’t make sense at all to anyone. I reach out for help constantly at varying sources to get the same lack of a response, it leads me to believe that I’m asking questions that don’t even make sense because my understanding is that lacking.

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