1111 won't resolve to new SiteGround temp domains

Hello, new to community here. Thanks for any help you can offer. I host several client websites in SiteGround, it’s worked great for a few years. SiteGround allows you to create temporary domains to develop a new site, without having the real domain name (yet). I’ve created temporary domains before in their control panel and they work fine. SiteGround creates the URL for you, you cannot edit this. This week a created a new one and it will not resolve from IOS or from MacOS when WARP is enabled. I get a “cannot reach server” in browser. Previously the temporary domains have always worked with WARP enabled. This is a new issue. SiteGround support said the domain comes up for them, and it’s fully resolved. I tested myself using https://dnschecker.org and they are correct. If I turn off WARP on either device (mobile or wifi), the temporary site comes up fine. What can I do to find out why Cloudflare is not resolving this? The SiteGround Level 2 tech confirmed this by trying with WARP on his end, same result. I’m stuck building a new site for a client. Not good! I opened a trouble ticket 2 days ago (correction: yesterday) but no reply, can I get @MoreHelp please, thank you!

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I noticed your ticket from a few hours ago ending in 51, can you share the ticket number from a few days ago?

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Hello, thanks for the response. The only ticket number I saved ends in 51, you’re correct. That’s the one.

Apologies, I thought it was 2 days ago, it was yesterday. Late night pulling my hair out with this :confused: , I edited the topic.

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