1102 'Worker exceeded resource limits' but app not using worker

We had a customer report that they got the Cloudflare error 1102 page, “Worker exceeded Resource limits” when trying to access the app.

None of our applications use Cloudflare Workers, so what else would cause this error? The customer sent a screenshot that shows our domain, so it was definitely our app that they were trying to access.

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That’s not a great experience, sorry! What other Cloudflare features are you using on the site? Zaraz? Cloudflare Apps? It’s possible one of these are causing an issue and shouldn’t be.

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In Zaraz, Google Analytics is enabled - I don’t remember turning that feature on.

No Cloudflare Apps installed.

Can you try disabling Zaraz temporarily and see if the issue persists? That definitely shouldn’t be happening.

I was just about to ask how to turn that off.

I deleted the Analytics, and turned off the Compatibly and Injection settings.

Is that all I need to do?

Yes, if you no longer see anything listed under Zaraz → Tools, or Consent, you’re good.

Fantastic, thanks!

The only feature I recently set up was Health Checks. Would that utilize a worker?

It would not be the issue here, no. Are you still experiencing the issue after disabling Zaraz?

The support team is asking the customer to restart the app, monitor and let us know. The customer did say that it was intermittent and would happen every hour or so.

Thanks for your assistance!

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I also encountered this same error the other day, by dumb-luck, while browsing my site. My biggest concern would be how to even know if this is occurring (short of a user reporting it). Is there somewhere we can see analytics with regards to how often this error is showing to users?

It is a pretty huge issue if Cloudflare is occasionally refusing to load for the site for users, but there’s no indication to the site owner that this is happening.

Are you also using Zaraz, or do you have Workers deployed? If you have Workers deployed, you can absolutely check the errors of these via the Worker Analytics within the dash.

I don’t have any workers deployed on that route. So, I’m thinking it had to be either Zaraz or the Cloudflare “App” that I have installed (which has been in place a long time). Is there any visibility on errors caused by those?

Generally not unfortunately.

If the issue continues, providing some Ray IDs and the domain/URLs this is happening on would be very useful for debugging further.

Like I said, it was dumb-luck for me to even run into it myself the first time. I don’t think a great solution is to rely on users to report it. To be honest, this seems quite bad not to have visibility on Cloudflare’s dashboard for this… and not at all inline with what I’ve come to expect from their (usually robust) analytics over the years.

One of the primary purposes I (and many others) use Cloudflare is to deal with traffic spikes of valid users. If Cloudflare is silently running into some rate-limit and then displaying an error to users and blocking them, and we are relying on those users to come back to the site later on, and tell us it happened. That seems like a very poor solution?

I do agree. The lack of insights on this from a user perspective is frustrating, and that’s only amplified if the user doesn’t know what Workers are, or that Zaraz/Apps may use Workers - it’s a terrible user experience.

Until better reporting is in place though, I can only really escalate and report the issue to folks with more information, like Ray IDs, Zone IDs, etc. so while I understand it’s difficult to reproduce this, if you are able to, that information would be very helpful to add to the issue report.


Totally understand, will let you know if I run into it again or receive any reports.

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Where would I find the error logs on the dashboard? I went to Analytics and all I see are these three options:


Under the Workers menu, it just has an Overview which is a sign-up page

We are using the Pro subscription. Not sure if that’s why I don’t see the Worker Analytics?

You can try under your Profile → Billing → Billable usage

You won’t see Worker usage or error analytics for workers not within your control, like ones from Zaraz unfortunately. Hopefully the team can investigate and look into this - I know they’ve been made aware of some possible issues from this thread and others.

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I have a little problem (It happened on more than one domain) in the page I was trying to open depends on “Page Rule” to forward “mydomain.com” to “www.mydomain.com” it show me worker error

I didn’t use worker in my account:

Appears only once per period (this error occurred only these days)

After refreshing the page, the site works normally and there are no problems it disappears for a long time and then comes back only once and stay like that…

Is the problem on my side or is it Cloudflare?