10web, systeme.io,domain and subdomain

hello everyone

I’m here to ask for some suggestions, some advice on what to do.

I would like to buy a hosting space that allows me to have a custom domain and unlimited subdomains, and also provide me with a personal business email.

I would like to make my main site using 10Web and thus entrust us with the main domain

I would like to connect this site with Cloudflare.

Then I would like to use a custom subdomain

that I would like to use for the System platform where I can do my mail marketing campaigns, and set up landigpages as well as then create my own courses that I can sell. My custom business email I would like to use on this Systeme platform, given the mail marketing possibilities it offers, so I should register my email on here.

Since the Systeme platform will give me particular DNS-CNAMEs that I can enter into Cloudflare, I ask, can something like this be done?

Is there any guide that I can follow?

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