, request time out

Hello everyone.

My website experiences several days each month where there is a “ request time out” error, even though I am certain that my server is functioning normally. I have tried accessing my website remotely and using the direct IP, and everything appears to be working fine. However, for some reason, Cloudflare continues to give me this issue.

I am wondering if there are any special tasks that Cloudflare performs each month that I should be aware of?

What issue is Cloudflare giving you?


My website was unable to load, and then without me making any changes, everything suddenly went back to normal after 8-10 minutes. Is there any log in Cloudflare that I can view?

Just like in the image above, this issue occurs for one or two days every month. It’s not a big problem at midnight, but if it happens during the day or night, it can cause significant trouble for me.

The images above don’t indicate any issue with the website loading. They indicate that the server didn’t respond to an ICMP request. That could correlate to an outage but is not an indication of an actual issue of any kind by itself. Servers and network equipment drop/ignore those packets for a variety of reasons regularly.

To monitor the uptime of a website you’d need to (for example) connect to the hostname on port 443 via curl and look for something known/expected in the response.

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