1034 Error - Edge IP Restricted

I’m getting this error from one location. Traffic to my site.server is absolutely fine, but one location/network cannot access it now due to this error.

There have been no changes to any DNS, I have no IPs on, so the error makes no sense.

Anyone know why this is?

Which location and ISP?

What’s the domain?

Its in Ballymoney, Northern Ireland and the ISP is BT Business.

I should add, it was working absolutely fine and stopped at about 1pm GMT today.

Is that hostname a CNAME record?

No, its an A record.

Oops forgot to say, the domain is rackemapp.com

Once you get it proxied again, can you get one of the impacted users to send the results of RackEmApp

It’s ok for them to remove the “IP” line with their home IP address.

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