1033 error after removing Cloudflare tunnel

Guys, I created a tunnel for a domain but I will not use it anymore and I removed it and the page still has an error 1033 Cloudflare Tunnel error. How do I remove?

Can you share how you removed the tunnel? For example, did you use the dashboard or the commandline? It’s useful to list exactly what steps you followed and what the output was.

I removed the tunnel from the panel I clicked on zero trust>access>Tunnel I clicked on the 3 little balls and then deleted.

So, when you remove your tunnel, you also need to remove/edit the corresponding DNS record that routes traffic to it:

When you’ve removed your tunnel (or ideally before), you need to go to your DNS settings at https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/:zone/dns and either update the DNS to point to something other than your tunnel, or remove the record entirely if you no longer intend to serve an application on that hostname.

Simon worked thank you very much

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