1020 error unfixable with the troubleshooting

Someone cannot access my site: precisionmarketing.academy and forwarded a screenshot of their 1020 access denied message.

When looking here to troubleshoot, the instructions are not fixing the issue.

It says to search for the Ray id in the activity logs. There are no activities in the log. It is empty.

Somewhere else, it says to check the firewall rules => I do not have any firewall rules set up.

So can anyone help fix this?

My site is accessible by myself and others.

Just this one person gets the 1020 error (for weeks, she says) and maybe others who do not report it. She tried different browsers, different computers, her mobile, she tried incognito modus, she tried wifi, and 5G and it happens everywhere…

Thank you,

Check the message in the bottom right hand side of that image.

You’ll need to go to the Security section, then Overview and search for the specific firewall event (via the provided Ray ID) that’s being triggered (it’ll show why).

Thanks @mcfadyeni

I did that. When I check the overview like you suggest and go to Security, Overview, it remains empty. (see attached screenshot of that). It won’t show me any ray ID’s…

I tried it for several dates, even though she experienced it the last 24 hours as well. (she tried an hour ago)

If you remove the RayID filter, do you see any other events in the log at all?

If not then please check your domain is active on that account, also go to the DNS tab and post a screenshot of the page including the nameserver pair below the record list.

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Thank you. No, if I remove the RayID filter there are no other events in the log at all.

The domain is active and here is a screenshot of the nameserver below the records.

I have access to the site, others do as well, but some don’t and I asked her to try other browsers, incognito and mobile network and it all gives the same result


Who hosts your site? Are they perhaps using a Cloudflare integration?

Okay, I contacted the host and also kajabi (they use Cloudflare integration) Kajabi asked if she was using a VPN connection.

Turns out, she was. When she turns the VPN off she can access my site. Solved!
Thanks for your help with this

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