1020 error on my site

Hello there,
I had to install a plugin to update my theme in wordpress. When I clicked Add new an error 1020 popped up. How can I fix that?
Please understand that I am no pro… so please in understandable language… :slight_smile:

A 1020 means you ran into a firewall rule. Check your firewall event log for your request to find out which rule fired. Then you can adjust that.

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Thanks Sandro,

So, I found that, what now? Where do I look for to fix it?

What did it say there? Which firewall rule is it? You’d need to adjust that so that it does not fire for your request.

Post a screenshot of the log entry.

There is a lot… Is this pic ok?

That is a custom rule and I am not sure why you set that up but you will need to adjust that so that it does not block you any longer.

You are fast!! ok, how do I fix that?

By adjusting it :slight_smile:

Again, you set that up and I can’t tell why you did it, but that rule seems to block your requests.

Maybe disable it for now, if you are not sure why it is there.

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My pleasure. Just keep in mind that it now won’t block any other requests either, that it possibly was supposed to block before.

Again, I can’t comment on why you configured it but it seems it’s blocking requests to certain paths and which are not originating from Croatia. Maybe that rings a bell.

If you don’t need that block, you should be fine now. Otherwise, maybe tweak it further. Just an idea :slight_smile:

Do you think its blocking visitors from seeing my site? A friend that I met here on community advised me to do so.

If you disabled the rule it certainly won’t block anyone. The question really is why you configured it.

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