1016 with bluehost server



Hi there,

I have a website hosted with bluehost (shared) that I am trying to pass over to Cloudflare. The website was previously connected via the partner program but as this was keeping me from using SSL (without booking the premium plan), I decided to remove it and set it up via Cloudflare directly.

Once the set-up made, everything seems to work nicely. The non-https version loads like a charm and there are only a few image issues on the https one, which seems to be caused by mixed contents.

However, after a few hours, I get an error 1016 when I visit non-cached https pages. As soon as I get this, nothing works anymore (neither http, nor https). I looked at my DNS setup and other community threads but I can’t find what’s wrong. Can someone help me?

FYI, I “paused” the domain on Cloudflare which immediately puts the http version back online.

Here are some screenshots of the setup:

Name Server requested by Cloudflare:

Name Server setup @ bluehost:
DNS entries routed via Cloudflare:


Right now, it’s pointing at the origin IP address, and not working. I’m getting a 301 to redirect to the www, which I see from your screenshot is a CNAME. It seems to me that the www entry should also be an A record just like the main domain.


Thank you! I will then try to change the CNAME for an A record and let you know if this changed something.


Ok, after a few days of testing it seems to have solved the issue… it can be this easy :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!