1016 Error only on www version of website - on and off

Hello everyone. My website is hosted on Heroku (NodeJS Express app) and I use a free Cloudilare plan.

I am interested in upgrading my account, however I am experiencing some issues.

My website is getting a 1016 Error only on the www domain. Non www works fine.

My CNAME record of www is pointing to Heroku’s “thermal-…” domain that I have for it.

I first received the 1016 error and tried finding solutions. I went ahead and created a redirect on my code to redirect all www requests to the non www version. However, I think this is not a best practice, so I deleted that feature and decided to disable CloudFlare.

Once I disabled the proxy on the www CNAME, the problem went away.

The thing is that once I enable it again, it works for several hours before giving the 1016 error again.

I read a lot of material over this subject but nothing that helped me in any way. It is weird how it works on my non www version. Can’t really understand what’s going on.

Thanks a lot in advance for the helpers


Would you happen to be in Israel? There are other threads about 1016 errors in Israel.

Yes I am

Thank you for letting me know about the other thread. However as it appears they did not find a solution to the problem. Rather, they suggested that it could be on Cloudflare’s side.

I guess I can redirect users from Israel to a non www version. But thinking about it now, how can I know if others are experiencing such problems? By others i mean users from other countries.

And if the problem actually is on CloudFlare’s side, when will it be resovled?

Thanks again

I suggest you open a ticket and include the Ray ID on every 1016 page you see. They don’t log every single connection, so it may take a few Ray IDs before they can track the problem down. Just keep adding more Ray IDs to the same ticket. Hopefully that helps.

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

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