1016 Error - how to fix - cómo arreglar

Hola, recientemente obtuve un error 1016 y no tengo la menor idea de qué lo originó o como resolverlo. Alguien sería tan amable de ayudarme?

Muchas gracias!

Thank you so much! I found this article you are quoting but I´m not actually a developer so, I understand some terms and instances but not this one. I was working on a WP website installing plugins, one of them failed to respond and out of nowhere I got the 1016 error screen. I´m not the hosting provider, but I’m trying to find out as much as I can before I talk to the provider tomorrow so we can find a solution together.

1016 means there’s a problem with the IP address for your website.

I just tested your wp-admin, and it is not giving me a 1016 error. Is it working for you now?

Really??? On my side it is still reporting the same error. :thinking:

Does the website work for you? I typed in just www and domain name, then it redirected me to /i/. So that was good. Then I put added wp-admin to the end and it redirected me to login.

Can you try a different browser? Or clear your browser’s cache? A global test shows it’s working:

Wow, I see. I will change from Chrome to other browser now.

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That’s weird… I tried Safari and the same thing happens, error 1016.

What do you think about WordPress Debugging? I could go into the cpanel and ad a line of code… Do you think that would work?

I just tried logging into WP on my phone and it displays the wp-login page OK – so the error must be linked to my computer’s IP. :flushed: UPDATE: I changed internet network and now I have access to the WP admin area. Thank you so much for your help and time @sdayman :star::star::star::star::star:

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