1016 Error for 3+ days - Site not associated with cloudflare

Hey there, I was hoping you all could help me. Haven’t been able to find a solution to my issue anywhere.

The non-www version of my site works fine. The www. version throws a 1016 error directing me to Cloudflare. For a few moments about a month ago - I redirected nameservers to Cloudflare for third party ad rev. A few days later I decided not to go through with it and reverted back.

I was using Godaddy name servers for quite some time - but switched everything over to Kinsta. I have Kinsta DNS/nameservers.

I logged into clouflare yesterday or the day before and deleted my site from within the dashboard (it was asking for nameserver changes…) I’m still getting the same 1016 error.

The real issue is that my wife sent a marketing email to everyone on our list with www. in front of our URL. Major issue right now and was hoping one of you fine folks could help me out.

Site URL: jnrphotovideo.com
Problematic URL: www.jnrphotovideo.com

This is typical third-party integration behavior. If Kinsta and/or that third party ad biz can’t clean this up, you’ll have to ask support AT cloudflare DOT com to clean it up.


Gotcha. Thank you!

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I don’t think support is going to be able to assist you, and multiple tickets will just slow the process for everyone. I see you added the site in your account but it was never active & the nameservers were never changed, https://securitytrails.com/domain/jnrphotovideo.com/history/ns. As such, Support does not recognize you as the owner of the active site, it is not active in your account.

The site is active in another Cloudflare account. As suggested by @sdayman, Kinsta or the third-party ad biz (who is that?) need to assist.

If they cannot assist, the other option is to add the site back to the account you are using here, change the nameservers at your registrar and then continue with the partner setup following their instructions.

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