1016 error but im not using Cloudflare


Let me try this here because just got the most ridiculous response from a CF support tech.

Why am i seeing a CF Error 1016 on my website an I AM NOT USING CF SYSTEM??

I Dont want to use it.
I didnt set my DNS to it a year ago.
I didnt set my DNS to it 3 years ago.

I cant get to my site correctly across machines because there is a Cloudflare message on the screen.


It’s possible the host you’re using has Cloudflare built in. What’s your domain?


Sorry i didnt include it



Sites is ccessible for me.

How ever, your host is United Internet (1&1). They are a CF partner. Check your control panel and look out for any CDN settings. Though I am pretty sure that this must be activated manually there. (It has to be here in Germany at least due to some privacy things).

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