1016 error after adding 2nd name


I had a working subdomain at info.avid4.com and CNAME record in Cloudflare.

I added a new CNAME record for blog.avid4.com (which has the same value as info.avid4.com).

blog.avid4.com never resolved, and soon after adding the blog CNAME record in Cloudflare, info.avid4.com started returned a 1016 error.

Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this?



Maybe it’s coincidence? Can you still reach the origin host by its URL?

One hunch is the origin host needs to add your subdomains to its Permitted list for CNAME links.

  1. Something could be completely broken there.
  2. When you added that second domain to be CNAME’d there, it broke something.

What happens if you :grey: your CNAME entries here?


sdayman - thanks!

changing to cloud fixed both.

Any insight why that would fix the issue?


Hubspot uses Cloudflare. You can’t put Cloudflare in front of a site that’s already using Cloudflare.


Got it, thanks for the insight!

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