1014 cname

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I don’t understand how to solve this issue? I have one domain and one account. WHile the error notify the following:
By default, Cloudflare prohibits a DNS CNAME record between domains in different Cloudflare accounts. CNAME records are permitted within a domain and across zones within the same user account or using our Cloudflare for SaaSOpen external link solution.

Another common cause is connecting a custom domain to an R2 bucket, where the domain is an active zone with the zone hold feature enabled.

WHat can I do to get out of it. I need to connect whitelabel domain and APi domain on GoHighLevel.

The owner of the account you are creating a cname to needs to create a Custom Hostname for the hostname in question.

If the target account is yours you can follow the guidance on that page. If you are pointing a service provider, ensure that you added your domain as a “custom domain” in their system and contact them for further assistance.

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