1014 - CNAME Cross-User error - since past few days

We own d1 . org and d2 . org (real domain name substituted), both use Cloudflare DNS with proxy enabled (d1 - paid plan, d2 - free plan).

Each of these domains, point to distinct S3 storage buckets with another provider. Everything worked fine for the past year or so. But recently, Cloudflare started reporting 1014 - CNAME Cross-User error for d2, without any change on our side. d1 continues to work with similar DNS record setup as d2.

We don’t have CNAME records going to the same URL from our different domains. So, not sure why the sudden 1014s. Any idea what could have changed and how to troubleshoot?

Ref: d2.org

It’s quite possible that other provider has put Cloudflare in front of their systems. You’d have to try something like:

curl -I http://d2.org.s3.us-east.someprovider.com

And check for Cloudflare headers.

Checked that, no Cloudflare headers in response from d2.org.s3.us-east.someprovider.com.

Moreover, if that was the case, d1 should also show errors, as the provider is the same for d1 and d2 (just different S3 buckets). But d1 showed no problem.

Yesterday, we migrated d2 to Scaleway to get around this problem. It helped avoid this issue and we got d2 UP via Cloudflare proxy to Scaleway. After that, we migrated it back to original provider to test again and things are working fine since. No 1014 error for the past ~ 12 hours (longer than the configured cache).

We’re keeping a close eye on it.

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