1014 CNAME Cross User Banned

Given the title of this recent thread “Problems wuth setting up a CNAME record”, I’m just going to piggy back onto it. this could be a quick one. I’m fairly new to Cloudflare.

I setup a new CNAME and get an “Error 1014 … CNAME Cross-User Banned” which leads me to Cloudflare documentation saying “CNAME setup is available to paid Cloudflare plans at the Business or Enterprise level.” only?? So my question is…

Do I have to sign up for 200p/month Business Account to accomplish this? Seems like a lot to pay for something so simple. Also, all of our former CNAME and A records are working just fine (setup prior to updating to Cloudflare’s DNS). Can I change back to our old names servers, add the CNAME there, then switch back to Cloudflare’s DNS as a workaround?

Any advice?

A very different question to the other thread.

CNAME setup is also very different to CNAME record.

Have a look at this thread, essentially where you are pointing the CNAME to is proxied through Cloudflare and is not properly configured for your hostname.


Ok. I will ask them but I’m pretty certain they will point me back to Cloudflare. It’s pointing to herbmentor.circle.so. Someone from their support chat already responded saying we need a “Business or Enterprise level Cloudflare account” which is my primary question, do we? This is why I am confused and asking here first.

Switch the CNAME from :orange: to :grey:, that way it points directly to their hostname.

That would be an odd requirement and I’m not sure how it would help with this.

I’m not sure now their Cloudflare setup works, but I’d hope theyre doing it properly with a SaaS setup.

Checking their docs, they say to make sure the proxy is dieabled as well.

I’m really not sure why their docs link to the CNAME setup page at Cloudflare, unless I’m completely misunderstanding the setup here that seems to be very misleading.

I think they are saying that because Cloudflare’s support documentation is saying (at the top) “CNAME setup is available to paid Cloudflare plans at the Business or Enterprise level.” See- https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/360020348832-Configuring-a-CNAME-setup
I will try turning off Proxy to see if that helps. Thanks for responding.

They don’t seem to understand what that means, which is rather concerning for someone who seems to use Cloudflare for the custom domains themselves.

All they want you to do is add a :grey: CNAME record. They should really link to https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/360019093151-Managing-DNS-records-in-Cloudflare instead.

In this case, I think your noted suggestion of turning off the proxy may have been the issue. I somehow missed that and after turning it off and reconnecting on their end I’m now getting " Almost there! Your custom domain will be activated within 5 minutes." so… I imagine it should work now. Thanks domjh.

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No problem, if you talk to them again you might suggest they update their documentation (feel free to send them a link to this thread) so future customers will find the process easier and their support will hopefully give out the correct information.

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