100k+ requests per day Workers question

I understand that a free Workers account has a 100k requests per day limit, but I am wondering exactly what happens on a site when 100k requests per day is exceeded.

We have our Routes all set to Fail closed so that they will display a Cloudflare 1027 error page to visitors when we exceed the request limit. But I am wondering if when the 100k requests per day limit is exceeded if the Cloudflare 1027 error page is only shown to visitors on Workers requests or if it is rolled out to all site requests, even those outside of requests involving Workers?

Also, is there a screenshot somewhere showing a sample of what the Cloudflare 1027 error page looks like?

Thank you.

No - the failure mode only triggers when a worker would have been invoked had the 100k limit not been hit, so it only happens on routes that workers are set up on.

These are the only two topics about it ( Please disable cloudflare workers || Workers rate limited regardless of unlimited plan ), none have a screenshot but I imagine it looks like this but with the text replaced with “Error 1027 This website has been temporarily rate limited”

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Thank you for replying to my queries @Judge.

If for example you have a route setup on the main URL of your website, and you exceed the 100k limit in a day, but the Worker is only setup to effect site visitors of certain countries, then this means that all the other site visitors from other countries that are not included within the Worker script would not be impacted by the 1027 error page when accessing the main URL of the website, correct?

Thank you again.

If the worker would have never been invoked (i.e. page served directly via Cloudflare page rules), then they will not see a Worker error when the Worker requests have been exhausted.

The same applies for if the request was served by a worker, but cached at the edge.

If your worker is running at all, then it’ll throw the error - so if your worker itself is checking the requester’s country, then chances are that it’s running on every one of your requests and all pages on your site would be affected by the error once you run out of your quota.