1004 error creating a PTR record

I’m trying to create a PTR record for a host of ours that runs in AWS. I can create an A record for it, but I get a 1004 message when I try and create the PTR record for it.

Reverse lookups return the AWS hostname and that is breaking certificate validation on our VPN device.

Is it possible to create a PTR record for an AWS IP in Cloudflare?

You need to set that PTR on AWS.

Do I have to transfer the domain to AWS? I tried adding our domain as a hosted domain and then added the PTR record. I pointed nslookup to the DNS servers associated with my domain, but doing a lookup on IP still returned the AWS address.

When I added my domain (not transferred, just a hosted zone) and PTR records and then pointed nslookup to one of the DNS servers for that hosted zone, when I do a reverse lookup on my IP, it says “server can’t find XXXX.in-addr.arpa: REFUSED”

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