1004 content for cname record is invalid

Thanks for the help:
But even after trying this:

Change the first box so it says exactly this:

It did not work. The System only saves it like that:

I want to have subdomain “support” (support.mainpage.com) to point at the page https://mainpage.com/support.

I try to have a new DNS Entry like this:

Name: support
Target: mainpage.com/support
proxy: yes
TTL: auto

But it won’t work. It allways gives me a 1004 error code and tells me that “content for CNAME record is invalid”.

What is the problem???

Thanks a lot for advice or help !!!


That’;s not a valid CNAME record… it’s not possible to point to a subdirectory / subpage in a DNS record. To point support.mainpage.com to that you’d either need to modify your origin server to serve that subdirectory when it gets a support.mainpage.com http header request or use some type of URL rewrite tool. https://developers.cloudflare.com/workers/examples/rewrite-links

Or you can use a page rule to simply forward requests from support.mainpage to m ainpaige.com/ support (changing the URL in the process) https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200172286-Configuring-URL-forwarding-or-redirects-with-Cloudflare-Page-Rules

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Thanks for helping.

I tried it with the Page Rule. But its not working.

Change the first box so it says exactly this:

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