1001 Error only in certain province

I’ve run in to an issue with my site and have run out of ideas and am looking for some community help on resolving the matter.

We just recently moved our site off of Cloudflare and over to GoDaddy nameserver as we wanted to keep everything under one area. Everything seemed fine, but once the Cloudflare account was removed we are now getting a 1001 error with our site.

The real question though is that our site does still work in different parts of the country (Canada) without a problem. However in the province of British Columbia it does not work unless we use a vpn. Essentially our target market is in British Columbia, and it’s the only place where our site is getting a 1001 error message.

The whole process has been frustrating since if you are not in the province of British Columbia and try to connect to our website it works fine, however if you are a user in BC it won’t work unless you use a vpn. If anyone has any suggestions on how to resolve this it would be great appreciated. I have attached a screenshot of the error message below.

A traceroute fails and it’s failing in a lot of locations, loads successfully in others

It also appears the nameserver change is still propagating

It may be worth contacting godaddy to see if they are having any issues.

What I’m guessing is I’m stuck waiting for propagation to finish before I Can do anything really?

If it’s been more than 24 hours and propagation has not finished, I’d contact them to see if there is any issue.

If I tried flipping it back to Cloudflare and just re-enabling that, think that could solve the issue or atleast bandaid fix it?

If everything was working ok with Cloudflare then I’d suspect that is a good route. It may take some time for the nameserver change to propagate the other direction as well, however.

You may first want to check with godaddy to see if they are having any issues and to ensure that if they are, it won’t affect flipping back to cloudflare.

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