1001 error from Cloudflare and we do not use Cloudflare

we do not have our website pointed to Cloudflare, however we have a Cname record that is pointing to an external domain that hosts our training and it is coming back with a Cloudflare error 1001

Whatever you point your CNAME to probably uses Cloudflare. I suggest you contact them to see if they can get it straightened out.

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It is Litmos and I have been in contact with them already and they are saying it is our DNS even though we don’t use Cloudflare. Thanks for your input!


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Take a screenshot of your DNS records and see if Litmos can figure it out.

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Thanks again! this is the entire entry,

elearning 3600 IN CNAME customer.litmos.com

It was working up until a week or so ago.

Also the part that says elearning is elearing.oudomain.com but I didn’t want to slam our server with a bunch of people when I am running in debug LOL

One more interesting thing I found is that when I try to resolve http://elearning.ourdomain.com I get the error

"Error 1001

Ray ID: 699126df09d70660 • 2021-10-04 20:27:36 UTC

DNS resolution error"

But when I go to httpS://elearning.ourdomain.com I get

" This site can’t provide a secure connection

elearning.maxim-med.com uses an unsupported protocol.


Hide details

Unsupported protocol

The client and server don’t support a common SSL protocol version or cipher suite."

Which is being returned from the correct Litmos address if I do a packet capture. So I am really confused why not having the SSL connection is resolving from Cloudflare, it is puzzling.

There’s nothing we can fix here. Litmos has to fix it since you’re pointing your DNS at them. They probably don’t have your hostname properly configured on their system.

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Thanks, I have been trying to work with them but they are SLLLLOOOOOOWWW to respond. I am not sure how to close out this ticket but I am quite sure that this is the answer so I will mark it as answered, I didn’t want to waste anyone’s time but I am desperate to get this fixed so I can get my employees back to training and our clients. Thanks again @sdayman

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