1000 to 5000 simultaneous users

Can you recommend a setup for 1000 to 5000 SIMULTANEOUS users using the cloudflare? can an ultimate go-daddy hosting plan _ pro plan at cloudflare work for this? should the back hosting plan be on a dedicated server in itself for such a setup and connected to cloudflare or it can be on a shared hosting plan?

1000 to 5000 concurrent visitors constantly? You definitely want the enterprise plan.

Not all the time - this is peak scenario - can you also recommend the base godaddy hosting plan

There is no specific plan required on Cloudflare (it may be depending on traffic, but it would be discovered after a bit of production load), you need to configure caching correctly for the various pages. Obviously the server needs to handle the number of requests especially if there is a ton of dynamic content.

I can’t go and don’t know the GoDaddy plans, the one thing I know is that many users have issues with it because it has weird TLS setups and blames others for it’s own problems.

thank you for your reply…we have cashing set up on WP backend - this also needs to be done via cloudflare?

It’s not necessary, but you need to provide Cloudflare the correct Cache-Control headers. Those may not be respected if the object is not requested enough or if higher priority assets need the space (the higher the plan, the lower cache evictions, but that is obvious).

The one thing you need to do is set-up a cache everything rule to cache HTML at the edge, as well.
Configure a page rule for your whole domain (or the specific subdomain, e.g. *example.com/* or subdomain.example.com/*) and enable a Cache Level: Cache Everything rule.

Also, if you have specific folders that are static set a long Edge Cache TTL via page rule (possibly a long Browser Cache TTL, but this can be covered by the headers from the origin).

Thank you for your interesting reply…the coudflare will handle all load? the base godaddy plan can be just upper grade vps plan?

Cloudflare will have no issues, if configured correctly. The plan in GoDaddy I really have no clue. I don’t believe it can on the base plan, but it might. Try it with some tests…

what is the best base server setup and cloudflare subscription option to allow for up to 1k concurrent real-time users of the website?

right now we have the ultimate hosting plan on godaddy - if we move to a dedicated sever at for example - Hetzner and host the site there - will there be issues with connecting to cloudflare??

actually the question is - does it make sense to start with a good backend server like at Hetzner (for the same price as we have at godaddy we can have 4 times more RAM and 2 times CPUS) or we can just go with godaddy and let the cloudfrare do the heavy lifting if traffic rises

Going with cheaper, but better, hosting is never a bad move. Issues if the web server is well configured never arise, obviously that is an area outside of this forum’s scope.

You need to make sure your website works with HTTPS enabled without Cloudflare and then, by enabling Cloudflare, you’ll get a speed boost and various benefits.

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To fully optimise you need to optimize 3 segments.

  1. segment 1 - connection between visitor and CF edge server i.e. CDN cache, WAF, Firewall, Page Rules, Mirage, Polish webP, HTTP/2, HTTP/3, CF Workers (i.e. custom/advanced caching) etc
  2. segment 2 - connection between CF edge server and your origin i.e. Argo, Railgun & Full SSL/ECDSA SSL certificates
  3. segment 3 - your origin server’s performance/optimisations i.e. web server, PHP, MySQL server optimisations and server hardware specs.

Cloudflare can only help for segments 1 & 2 for cached guest/non-logged based visitors will easily scale beyond 5k concurrent users. Now for Cloudflare CDN cache miss/bypass and logged in user for web apps like forums/wordpress, how many concurrent users is determined by segment 3.

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