1000 Error - DNS points to prohibited IP

I have been on Cloudflare for nearly a year and all my sites have worked great. I redirected my domains from GoDaddy.
I recently began using a new marketing tool and wish to have a custom URL rather than theirs.

when I do so and follow the instruction for creating new DNS records both a TXT and a CNAME I receive the 1000 Error - DNS points to prohibited IP.

The help center directs me to check my A file but that has been working just fine. I do have two of them. The one with my domain has a 104.XXX.XXX.XX IP address which help said it needed. The other has a 40.XXX.XXX.XXX IP address.

Any body have this issue and provide some insight/help.

Thank you.

The 104 is most likely the prohibited IP address. If “they” told you that you need both, then you’ll have to toggle the 104 entry to :grey: DNS Only. Maybe even the 40 as well.

Thank you for the quick reply.

The interesting thing is that when the new required CNAME I am only able to add the subdomain to the name field when I believe it should be the full domain.
eg. the full subdomain is diversity.talvista.com. But when I add that name to the CNAME is removed talvista.com leaves diversity only.

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