1000 error after changing from old cloudflare nameserver to new

I needed to update a dns record, and GoDaddy told me I had nameservers setup on cloudflare, but I don’t have a cloudflare account (using a different host than GoDaddy)

So I made a new cloudflare account, changed the nameservers to the new name servers and got the 1000 prohibited error

this is what the settings look like now after i fumbled around trying to fix it, and it still is not fixed.

The DNS records point to Cloudflare’s IPs - they should point to your origin.


Where would I find the origin?

Domain is registered on GoDaddy, site is built on “elevate” and cloudflare nameservers.

If I change the nameservers back to the old ones will it resolve itself and the site start working?

You’ll have to follow Elevate’s instructions for adding a custom domain - which you’ll apparently need an Elevate Pro Plan to do:

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