100 second proxy read timeout (524 Gateway error) increase default to 180 seconds

I know that enterprise plans can increase the proxy read timeout to be a lot longer than the default of 100 seconds in free, pro, and business plans. If the default could be increased to 180 seconds to match cloudfront, that would be awesome!

I know there are workarounds like gray clouding, polling, queues…etc but I would rather not rework my application for this.

What application are you running that requires a timeout that high?

  • Credit Card Terminal Processing (if the customer is slow to get their credit card out). I have seen it take longer than 100 seconds)
  • Large report exporting can take longer than 100 seconds

I know I can add polling, but that takes extra logic that might not be perfect.

both of these are rare cases but 180 seconds would be perfect as that covers most of the cases (AWS Cloudfront has this)

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