100% packet loss on 1 network, not another

Sounds weird, but I have two networks, and pings to target IP (165.204.X.Y) show very different results despite the last IP in traceroute being inside the Cloudflare IPv4 block

Network Packet Loss (ping) Last IP (traceroute)
A 100%
B 100%

Any idea on why this highly divergent result occurs given that CF obviously knows how to route the packets?

PS: Source of IP block ownership: db-ip.com (data could be wrong/outdated).

Ping is not a tool that can be used to measure packet loss. The decision to return or drop an ICMP packet by a router isn’t terribly indicative of anything.

Are you experiencing an issue connecting to hosts from either network?

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Yeah, I agree the ICMP packet can be dropped arbitrarily.

You did guess correctly: I’m actually experiencing issue connecting to the host from network A (with packet loss) while I can connect via network B (no packet loss)

What’s the specific error you receive? And are you in Italy, Turkey or Egypt by chance?

I’m in India (and so are the 2 networks)

The exact error I’m receiving is “This Connection has Timed Out” (https just in case that matters)

Just saw that in the original post, ping loss for both networks is 100%. Only Network A has that issue (can’t edit the original post :frowning: )

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