100 Mb limit per request

Hey guys, we are trying to create a SAAS service which will allow our clients to create a Netflix like service. They want to be able to upload rather large videos let’s say 7gb and stream it.

We are currently struggling to create this and probably because there is a limit of 100mb per request.

Can anyone please help?


The only workaround is by chunking the upload.

Is this through Cloudflare’s stream product? It should be able to handle files >100MB. And if you’re not using stream, then you’re violating Cloudflare’s ToS 2.8.

Hi Sdayman , thank you for your response . I would like to ask you if i use streaming product do i need to chunk again ? or how is the way in streaming product to upload video > 100 mb

With Stream, max video size is 30GB (according to FAQ). Here’s more info:

Hi Sdayman for me is not working but i think it works only with TUS do you know if TUS works with curl ?

You should build/implement a chunked uploader. No one wants to upload 6.5GB, have a network hiccup and have to start all over again. 100MB chunks (per request) is imminently reasonable in that type of scenario. Higher tier plans have larger upload limits, but I’d give the same guidance to a customer who had ‘unlimited uploads’… build a good uploader, there’s lots of opportunities to monetize the time during upload as well (for example) if this is happening in a browser (as opposed to via an API only upload experience). Also more opportunities for fine grained control, logging and feedback for your customers.

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