100% Cloudflare Cache on a Free Plan

I got one of my websites on a Cloudflare free plan to 95% Cached, but I don’t remember what I did to achieve it.

Another one of my websites is at 48% Cache. Here is what I did to achieve it:

  1. Installed the official Cloudflare plugin for WordPress. This seems to boost cache percentage by 20-30%.

  2. Installed WP Cloudflare Super Page Cache.

  3. I have a Cache Everything page rule with Edge Cache TTL of 1 Month

  4. I have set up WordPress cache headers as described in this guide: How to Set Up Custom Headers – OpenLiteSpeed as I am using OpenLiteSpeed.

Right now I am at 48% cache. Does anybody have better ideas?

Also, if I set Edge Cache TTL will Google Analytics break down, as Cloudflare is stripping the cookies?

You can identify what’s uncached in your website by installing Dr.Flare plugin.

I must add that I also use LS Cache’s option to Remove Query Strings from Static Resources.

There is an additional WordPress plugin called WP Remove Query Static Resources which does that for people who don’t use LiteSpeed.

This plugin significantly improved my caching rates.

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