$100 budget - what would you recommend

I’ve been using Cloudflare for w while and I’ve never used any paid features / services. Currently my blog is visited by over 1 million readers per month and I wonder if Cloudflare can speed up my site a bit? I’ve checked the Argo option but it seems to be too expensive (Total Bandwidth for the past 30 days 2.24 TB). My budget is limited to $100. Can you recommend anything?

  1. Pro Plans are a good value in general.
  2. Better caching with Tiered Caching (free) and Cache Reserve (prices in the link below)
  3. R2 if most of that bandwidth is static files (pricing similar to Cache Reserve)
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You can use Cloudflare load balancer with multi region it will speed up your dynamic website 2-3 time faster and it gives you almost 100% up time.

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