10-20 seconds to load 150px image from cloudflare cache


I got this problem (apparently random) images/static assets take a long time to load. (10-20 seconds).
I’m sure it’s coming from cloudflare cache HIT. These aren’t big images just thumbnails of 150x150px and few Kb in size.

I’m not sure if this problem is cloudflare. I just want to find the cause.
Example: https://replayers.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/nullDC_Win32_Release-NoTrace-2017-12-31-18-46-26-01-150x150.jpg


Tried it a few times and always loaded in no time.

Have you verified it does not also happen when you bypass Cloudflare?


No problems here too (for that image). About 250ms.

cf-cache-status: HIT
cf-ray: 41f220a9bb15232a-FRA

It seems you have cloudflare paused now?


Hi sandro the problem is very random. I am not able to reproduce the issue with cloudflare paused.

@MarkMeyer Exactly i paused to test. I’ll resume now.


Can you test it with Cloudflare enabled but caching disabled?


@sandro i’m not exactly sure how to achieve that.


You’d need to enable development mode in the settings.


Done now.


On development mode, i got nearly 8 seconds wait for some 150x150 images.
I know we shouldn’t go nuts on TTFB but 8 seconds is not right.

img tested: https://replayers.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/322485-super-fantasy-zone-genesis-screenshot-the-boss-of-the-first-150x150.gif


But that would indicate it is not a caching issue.

Have you tested it just with requests for that picture or always in the context of your page? If it is the latter, could there be some connection limit in place on your server which stalls requests when the limit is reached?


@sandro great so it’s not cloudflare? I’ll have to hire a system admin to find the cause on the server itself then cos i wouldn’t be able to find the limit myself. Thank You.


That, I cant say with absolute certainty :slight_smile: but if the delays only happen when you request the image as part of the site but not as stand-alone it might indicate some congestion issue. Stand-alone you never experience it, right? Do the log files say anything?


I’m thinking it can be the terribly awful connections made by TIM italia, they sell fiber optic that feels like 56kb.
If no one else can reproduce the error is just me then.


Italian? Will check on my end then! Maybe an issue with the specific POP, you on MXP or FCO?

(Italiano va anche bene se vuoi)


It’s going to FCO for me, on Tiscali FTTH here, but sub-20 ms load time here, with caching on the Cloudflare Edge. 12 of those are the basic roundtrip, so nothing strange there.

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